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Reached 100 members? Epic!! Now, all I need is an extra 200 members and 15-20 contributors. Please invite more guys to this group and join the madness!! :D BTW, I should tell you that by the end of September, 5 people will be selected to  be the Co-Founder!!! want to be one? Simply be very, really active in this qroup by submitting HD deviations, then I may consider your request. And for those who wanted be Contributors, post here now...

P.S. The last blog was 5 months ago, I dislike posting too much seriously...
Sorry for never post a new blog for a long time. Hate blogging do I? :D

Anyway, it is already in the middle of March and some updates has to be done..

1. 2 New Folders are placed, Logos & Icons Folder and Art Folder. Logos & Icons Folder is for ummm logos ahhh get it?? :D:D This folder is for placing new logos or any graphical style icons for GMod and Art Folder is for basically for non-Gmod work BUT related to VALVe and their games

2. Admin Area is now OPEN for contributers so they can discuss suggestions or anything to make this group better

3.Random folder literally is the SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE folder. Place them in Featured (unless its good) and we will NOT accept your submissions!!!

4. Applications for CONTRIBUTERS are now open!!!! Those who are expert in high quality GMod submissions could send umm I mean, apply here!! :D

And right now, as we only 61 members in our group, this is a very slow development. Please invite more people to join our group because once our target of at least 100-300 members is achieved, I would get donations for Super-Group and maybe future competitions in time :D

Oh! one last thing, can anybody create a new logo for our group, my Photoshop is down and I'm saving for buying a new one. Please post here if you do make one

As for now, that's it,
Have a good day :D
Recently I just placed a few folders for our group so now you can submit all of your work in the appropriate folders, otherwise, I can't accept your submission. I'm just back from home and luckily for me, a week of holiday awaits me. So is a ton of homework.......zzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S. If you ask me what the Japan folder stands for, well........., all of anime, pokemon, digimon all things-that-belongs-to-japan GMoD work!!!!!!! :D
So, in 1 month, we've got 36 members only. That a little but will do than none. Keep up t3h good work and invite more people into the group!!! :)

P.S. To the alert ones, they will notice that I have no GMoD deviations. Yep cos' I will getting a new high-end laptop soon on March and then I'll send my Devs that I planned to do all the time
Since Gnoid was busy/offline/being chased by Garry Newman, I decided to get this show running with a blog entry, a few modules setup, and etc.

So... What now?

Well this group was created from another group (if you were a member, you'd know why, I guess), and now, this is taking it's place... Kinda sad.

Anyways, we might as well kick-start this group with as many members, contributors, and etc. so why not join in?

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